Artistic Expressions Dance Studio

Artistic Expressions Dance Studio first opened in November 2009 under the direction and tutelage of Nicole Hyatt. Since 2009, the studio has grown to accommodate over 70 classes a week. We have an award winning Performance and Competitive Team.

At Artistic Expressions Dance Studio, our instructors uphold an excellent reputation for inspiring our dancers to be the best dancer they can be. We believe in nurturing the talent of each individual dancer, to help each individual dancer develop grace, poise, confidence, and self motivation that will carry them through life.

What’s going on at Artistic Expressions


Wednesday, October 31st. If your class falls on that day you may schedule a makeup class with the front desk.

The Week of November 19th-23rd- Thanksgiving Break.

Monday, November 11th 2019

Monday, November 11th 2019

Fundraising OPPORTUNITY for the whole studio!!!

we will begin our annual yankee candle fundraiser this month! all are welcome to participate, and you can expect about a 38% return on products sold (after shipping). This is a great opportunity to help offset some of the costs associated with dance. Any funds you FUND-RAISE may be used towards june recital cost.

New Payment System

*NEW THIS YEAR!* Tuition will be automatically withdrawn effective September 5th, and every month on after, on the 5th. You must have a credit/debit card, information secure in your Jackrabbit account. Via Jackrabbit you can register for all your classes, check balances, and even pay your registration free and tuition as well. Would you like to save $3.00 a month off your tuition? Tuition paid prior to the 5th of every month paid with check or cash saves you $3.00 off your monthly tuition. Please remember this applies only to tuition paid before the 5th. Click the link below to register, or go to our “Parent Portal'“ if you are a returning dancer.

“Parent Portal” - click forgot password if you don’t remember, you will be sent a temporary password, (to the e-mail you used when registering) you can use to update and edit your account. If you are unable to login, you my need to re-register, click on the “Register Here Now” on the website. We are hoping this makes everyone’s lives just a little bit easier. Please contact the studio with any questions.



Tuition for Oct. will be automatically withdrawn on the 5th unless you’ve already paid on jackrabbit, cash or check.


We have so many exciting ACTIVITIES planned for our dancers this year!!


HEmet Christmas Parade

A newsletter regarding information for the Hemet Christmas Parade will be emailed out the week of November 12th-18th. The Parade is on Saturday, December 7th. We would love to have you come dance with us in the Parade this year. Mark your calendars =, we will have a Parade practice Thursday, November 21st from 6:45-8:15pm. More details will be offered in the November newsletter.

Parent Participation week

During the week of December 16th-20th we would LOVE to have parents come in and take class with us and their dancers. This was so much fun last year. No dance shoes required, athletic clothing suggested.


Winter Showcase

Winter Showcase will be held at the Elks Club in Hemet this year on Sunday, December 15th. All classes have began to learn their Winter Recital dances. We are looking at 2 matinee shows. More information will be available in the November newsletter.z





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2019-2020 CLass schedule 

Here at Artistic Expressions Dance studio we believe every child is unique. There is no mold that fits every child’s approach to a dance education. That's why we offer trial classes to find the best fit for your child. Please contact us to schedule your FREE TRIAL(S).

Classes for Dancers age 2-7 years old


Tiny Ballet 2-4 Years Old 5:30-6:00pm Miss Nicole

Combo I 3-4 Years Old 6:00-6:45pm Miss Ashley

Jazz/Tap Combo 5-8 Years Old 6:00-7:00pm Miss Nicole

Combo III 5-7 Years Old 6:45-7:30pm Miss Ashley


Combo I/II 3-5 Years Old 3:15-4:00pm Miss Ashley

Ballet/Tumbling 3-4 Years Old 4:00-4:45pm Miss Monica

Ballet/Tumbling 5-7 Years Old 5:30-6:30pm Miss Monica

Lyrical 7+ Years Old 6:30-7:15pm Miss Monica


*Combo II/III 5-7 Years Old 4:45-5:30pm Miss Ashley

*Please call if us if you are interested in taking this class (951) 442-8642*

Combo I 2-3 Years Old 5:30-6:15pm Miss Ashley

Combo II 4-5 Years Old 6:15-7:00pm Miss Ashley


Tiny Combo 2-3 Years Old 9:30-10:15am Miss Ashley

Combo I/II 3-5 Years Old 10:15-11:00am Miss Ashley

Jazz/Tap II/III^ 5-8 Years Old 4:15-5:15pm Miss Monica

Ballet I/II 5-7 Years Old 6:00-6:45pm Miss Monica


Acro II 7+ Years Old 5:00-6:00pm Miss Monica

Tiny Hip Hop 2-4 Years Old 5:15-5:45pm Miss Latoya

Hip Hop 5-7 Years Old 5:45-6:30pm Miss Latoya

Tiny Tumblers 2-3 Years Old 6:00-6:30pm Miss Monica

Acro I 5+ Years Old 6:30-7:30pm Miss Monica

Classes for Dancers age 8 and Older

^Instructor approval before entering these classes^


Contemporary III/IV^ 8+ Years Old 4:00-5:00pm Miss Marilyn

Contemporary I/II 8+ Years Old 5:00-6:00pm Miss Marilyn

Contemporary^ 13+ Years Old 7:00-8:00pm Miss Marilyn


Pointe^ 12+ Years Old 5:00-5:30pm Miss Nicole

Pre Pointe 8+ Years Old 5:00-5:30pm Miss Nicole

Jazz III/IV^ 8+ Years Old 5:30-6:30pm Miss Nicole

Ballet I/II 8+ Years Old 6:30-7:30pm Miss Nicole

Company Class TEAM 6:30-7:45pm Miss Monica


Jazz V^ 8+ Years Old 6:00-7:00pm Miss Nicole

Lyrical V^ 10+ Years Old 7:00-7:45pm Miss Nicole


Tap IV/V^ 8+ Years Old 4:00-4:45pm Miss Nicole

Jazz/Tap II/III^ 8-9 Years Old 4:15-5:15pm Miss Monica

Ballet V^ 10+ Years Old 4:45-6:00pm Miss Nicole

Lyrical III/IV 8+ Years Old 5:15-6:00pm Miss Monica

Pre Pointe 8+ Years Old 6:00-6:30pm Miss Nicole

Pointe^ 12+ Years Old 6:00-6:30pm Miss Nicole

Ballet III/IV^ 8+ Years Old 6:30-7:30pm Miss Nicole

Hip Hop 8-11 Years Old 6:30-7:30pm Miss Latoya


Acro^ 10+ Years Old 4:00-5:00pm Miss Monica

Acro II 8+ Years Old 5:00-6:00pm Miss Monica

Hip Hop 12+ Years Old 6:30-7:15pm Miss Latoya


$30 annul registration fee

Our calendar year runs, September - June


Please see the Front Desk for more information, or if you are interested in our

AE Competitive Dance Team.


4 and older

45 Minutes - 1 Hour classes

$55 monthly

1 class a week

$95 Monthly

2 classes a week

$130 monthly

3 classes a week

$160 monthly

4 classes a week

$185 monthly

5 classes a week

$210 Monthly

6 or More classes a week



30 minute classes

Tiny ballet

Tiny Hip hop

Tiny tumblers

$45 monthly

1 class a week

$80 Monthly

2 classes a week

$105 Monthly

3 classes a week

A’ LA Carte

$15 Drop in

1 class

$45 Private

1 - 30 Minute Private Lesson

$60 Private

1 - 60 Minute Private Lesson


“Behind every dancer who believes in themselves, is a teacher who believed in them first.”



Nicole Hyatt - OWNER/ ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary & Musical Theater

Nicole began Ballet and Tap classes at the age of 5, taking classes at the Hemet Y.M.C.A. She began her Classical Ballet Training at the age of 8. Through the years she has been given the opportunity to study under many accomplished ballerina's, one of which was Laurie Perrault formal Principle/ Soloist with the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company.

Nicole has been teaching in the valley for over 20 years, and has been dancing for over 30 years. Formally she held the position of Assistant Director under the ownership of Beth Duffield , formally of Diamond Valley Dance Academy. She has choreographed many award winning competition pieces over the last 10 years, and has been the recipient of various Top Choreographer awards as well as Top Studio awards.

Nicole continues to pursue her love of dance, and dance education, by attending classes out at M.S.J.C, and various performance workshops and training seminars. Nicole is continuing her dance education and is working towards her degree in dance. Nicole is the proud owner of Artistic Expressions Dance Studio, and heads up the Artistic Expressions Dance Company, which is now entering it's 10th year of competition. It has been a dream come true to own her studio, and to pass on her passion and love of dance to her students.


Marilyn Lizarraga - Contemporary, Hip Hop & Modern

Marilyn was born in East Los Angeles, California and was raised in both, Mazatlán Sonaloa Mexico and the United States. Marilyn studied the Art of Dance and Choreography under the direction of Paula Naggi; Chair Of The Department Of Dance for Mt. San Jacinto College. Marilyn now teaches dance for special needs children, as well as Contemporary and Hip Hop for youth and teenagers. She also independently choreographs waltzes for Quincea`era's and Weddings.


Ashley Thomas -

Tiny Combo & Combo I, II, III

Ashley heads up our preschool dance program here at AE Dance and has completed her 3rd season teaching at AE Dance. Ashley has has enjoyed a lifelong love of dance. Ashley starting dancing at the age of 4, then started competitive dancing in junior high school, she continues to take classes when she can. She enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge with her students. Ashley has completed her first season as an award winning choreographer on the AE Dance Performance Team.

Monica's headshot.jpeg

Monica Rumpf - Acro, Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Technique Classes

Monica Rumpf has been teaching for over 17 years in NC, NY, and CA. She specializes in Acrobatics, Jazz, Lyrical, Preschool age Ballet/Tap and Creative Movement. Monica has danced since the age of six, grew up as a competitive dance, and has trained with teachers and professionals from all around the country. She danced for 5 years on television shows such as Dawsons Creek and One Tree Hill, and films such as Black Night and Jacob Sounds. Monica has had the opportunity to work with RuPaul, Paula Abdul as well as many other famous personalities. She enjoys choreographing dances weddings , night club events, opening numbers for dance competitions, theatrical productions, charities and festivals. Monica has worked with a children’s theater troupe for the last six years as well as performed in those productions. Monica continues to further her dance education by attending various workshops/conventions and is certified in Acrobatics through Acrobatic Arts. She loves to share her knowledge and work with kids of all ages and levels.


Kaylin McCauley - Dance Team Choreographer

Kaylin was born and raised in Oceanside, CA and began dancing at Dance Unlimited at the age of 3. Growing up, Kaylin trained in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, and pointe. She danced competitively for 10 years and was the captain of her high school dance team where she began to choreograph. She then relocated to Riverside, CA to study Business Administration at the University of California, Riverside and was on UCR's dance team for 2 years. Kaylin was also apart of the Ontario Reign Dance Team and the IE 66ers Dance team for the 2015 season. She hopes that after college she will be able to one day pursue her dream to dance for the NFL. Kaylin has a true passion for dance and gets inspired every time she gets the opportunity to share it with her students.


Latoya - Hip Hop & Adult Heels

LaToya Butler is an upcoming professional dancer and a well-established choreographer. She started dancing at the age of seven years old. Falling in love with the art and technique of dance, LaToya began taking her dancing to the next level. Training in various styles such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Point, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Swing, Break Dancing, Heels and much more. LaToya has worked with some of the best choreographers in the dance industry such as Eddie Barcelo, Natalie BeanTessandra Chaves, Tyson Gardner, Ilyse Baker, Chyeyebbe Kibblewhite, Natalia Morales and Matt Sergot. LaToya began choreographing at the age of fourteen. She started creating dances for her advance dance team at her local high school. Since then she has never stop teaching and Choreographing. LaToya has been asked to be a part of the teaching staff at some of the top award winning dance studios such as Dance Unlimited, Dunamix dance Project, Studio 31 and Beatitude Hip Hop dance Studio. She is excited to share her gift with her new dance family, Artistic Expressions Dance Studio. Bringing art, technique and passion back into her classes is her goal. LaToya is glade to announce that she has entered back into college at Mt San Jacinto and is excited to work towards receiving her associates degree in Dance. Let's give a warm welcome for Miss LaToya.

Karen Raquel Seipp - Classical Ballet, Modern, Contemporary Ballet & Pointe

Karen was raised in San Diego, CA has been dancing for more than 15 years. Karen began her classical ballet training with the Royal Academy of Ballet London at the age of 5. Karen completed her exams yearly with commended and highly commended with the Royal Ballet. She also studied ballet internationally and performed with the Baja California Company of Dance and performed with them for multiple years in Nutcracker and Swan Lake among other projects in Tijuana,Mexico in her preteens years. When Karen moved to Temecula, CA at the age of 13 she attended Temecula Ballet, CA where studied the Italian cecchetti method and style of ballet for over 7 years. She also executed and completed yearly exams as well as performed the Nutcracker for multiple years. In Temecula Ballet, CA karen also studied modern and contemporary ballet. Karen has also dance competitively in high school with her dance team and varsity cheer at West Valley High School.

In her 20's Karen attended Mount San Jacinto Community College where she studied modern, ballet, and contemporary ballet. Karen became a part of the college's dance Touring ensemble where she choreographed multiple pieces. She then became the Student Director for the Mount San Jacinto Community College Dance Dept.

Karen has been dancing on pointe shoes since the age of 11 which became a big accomplishment for her. Karen is also very enthusthiastic about sharing her knowledge and experience with other dancers. She enjoys teaching and learning about dance as well as choreographing pieces for young and older dancers.


Class Descriptions


This class introduces beginner students to basic stunts such as cartwheels, forward rolls and balance. More advance students will add to their repertoire more advance tumbling, balances and partner lifts/stunts. Acro class incorporates a focus on flexibility, balance, strength and coordination to perform gymnastic based tricks. Our instructor is certified through Acrobatic Arts.


All of our ballet classes include technique taught in the traditional style of Vaganova. Our younger classes will place an emphasis on foundational technique and appropriate choreography taught in a fun environment. Our older and advance classes will continue to develop ballet skills and focus heavily on correct technique. All classes will include barre work and stretching. Center work will include adagio, petite and grande allegro (across the floor with leaps and turns).

Combo classes:

This is a 45 minute class that will incorporate tap and ballet. Students will learn the basic intro to ballet. This class will start to teach basic stretching, center work and across the floor.


In contemporary dance students are introduced to a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Students are encouraged to use creative freedom in improvisation, push boundaries and gravity with breathtaking imagery.

Tiny Combo:

This class is designed for the younger dancer between the ages for 18 moths to 4 years. Parents participation is optional. This 45 minute class use many different dance activities and creative props helping the younger dancer to develop balance, coordination and simple dance technique. This class will also teach the value of taking turns and working together. Dancers will also have an introduction to Tap. 1 parent per child allowed in the room.

Hip Hop:

In hip hop students are introduced to rhythm, musicality, control, dynamics, posture and performance. This style of dance id featured in many popular movies, commercials and music videos. Through hip hop is very high energy, some classes are taught now to use more isolation technique.


This is a class where the students will learn isolating body movement, jazz technique and musicality. It also introduces specific jazz movements that will later be incorporated into later jazz combinations. This class will include stretching to improve flexibility, center work, across the floor and combinations.


Lyrical and contemporary styles are for the intermediate/advance dancer that enjoys both ballet and jazz. It instills the same principle, but it expressive form of dance with many emotions and elongated movement.


This class ranges from 45 minutes to an hour. Students will learn beginning to advance tap steps, combinations and time steps. This class will include warm-up, across the floor, center work and combinations.


Artistic Expressions Competition Team



Top right to left: Khloe, Sarah, Grace, Zoey and Makayla.

Middle right to left: Alexa, Brianne, Rianna, and Aidan.

Bottom: Natalee, Hailey, Vada, Bailey and Charley.



Who wish they could spend they day dancing? Learning different styles of dance from the top choreographers in the industry. AE Competition Dance team will be attending this fun fill day in San Diego on Sunday, September 29th.



Our competition team has tons of exciting Fundraising events come up.

  • Bake Sales

  • Dance Apparel Sale (Team member will be cleaning out their closets and selling old costumes and dance clothes).

  • Bunco Nights

  • Yankee Candle Sale

  • Silent Auctions and 50/50 Raffles

Check out the AE Calendar to see when and where they’ll be, and how you can show your team spirit and help support.

2019-2020 Competition Schedule

FEBRUARY 07, 2020 - FEBRUARY 09, 2020  Riverside Municipal Auditorium  3485 Mission Inn Avenue  Riverside, CA 92501

FEBRUARY 07, 2020 - FEBRUARY 09, 2020

Riverside Municipal Auditorium

3485 Mission Inn Avenue

Riverside, CA 92501

March 06, 2020 - March 08, 2020  Riverside Memorial Auditorium  3485 Mission Inn Avenue  Riverside, CA 92501

March 06, 2020 - March 08, 2020

Riverside Memorial Auditorium

3485 Mission Inn Avenue

Riverside, CA 92501

April 24, 2020 - April 26, 2020  The Fox Theater  3801 Mission Inn Avenue  Riverside, CA 92501

April 24, 2020 - April 26, 2020

The Fox Theater

3801 Mission Inn Avenue

Riverside, CA 92501

May 08, 2020 - May 10, 2020  Highlander Auditorium  850 N. San Antonio Avenue  Upland, CA 91786

May 08, 2020 - May 10, 2020

Highlander Auditorium

850 N. San Antonio Avenue

Upland, CA 91786

Screenshot_20190830-150516_Chrome (1).jpg

March 27,2020 - March 29, 2020

Highlander Auditorium

850 N. San Antonio Avenue

Upland, CA 91786